Fred wrote:

> >Hmm, I don't think that will do. White numerals by day, illuminated by
> red
> >at night, and black faces. I was thinking of making the white figures
> >semi-transparent with a selectable white (non-emissive) /red (emissive)
> >background. Unless you would care to do a demonstration of another
> method...
> >
> >
> If your texture is semi transparent, your object will be transparent. Do
> you mean you would put another one behind ?

Yes, that was my plan.

> If your material color is pure emissive white ( 1.0, 1.0, 1.0 )
> modulated with your texture, then black area would stay black while red
> areas would become emissive red, just because 1 x c = c ( I mean
> modulation is a multiplication, so modulating with with is multiplying
> with one ).
> If your texture is back and white, modulate with diffuse white for day
> and emissive red at night, but still, no transparency required. You
> would only modulate the alpha channel and have your dial transparent.

I don't think that is very different to my method. I was going to arrange
the texture to have semi-transparent numerals while the black face would be
non-transparent. Behind would be selectable white/emissive red surfaces. I
think that would work, and I know how to do it ... your method sounds
attractive, and would be very effective for needles, but how is it
implemented in xml? 


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