On Sun, 7 Nov 2004 12:32:41 +0100, Roy Vegard Ovesen

> My motivation for setting the serviceable property to true in the source code
> was that now that the instruments are configureable they can have an
> arbitrary name in the property tree. The compass could for example be
> named /Instrumentation/magnetic-heading-indicator-thingy. As I understood it
> the serviceable property used to (actually still does) be set to true in
> preferences.xml, where it is set for all instrumentation.

If the source code modules force the property to true, it will
override any settings provided by the user at startup or in a
configuration file.  It needs to be possible to start FlightGear with
the mag compass U/S for some scenarios, just as we can start with the
vacuum pump or alternator U/S.

> So setting it to true in preferences is would not be a good solution when (not
> if) aircraft designers decide to change the name of the instrumentation,
> remove instrumentation that are not applicable to that aircraft, and add more
> instrumentation for for example redundancy.

Making the compass serviceable should be part of that.  If the setting
is in preferences.xml (or a separate startup config file), it can be
overridden on the command line; if it is hard-coded in the C++, it
will be set after the options have been read, and cannot be

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