Paul wrote:
> Either I'm a bit thick or something is wrong with the
> Spitfire and Seafire. I cannot get them to start.
> Fuel cocks open, magnetos on, mixture rich, a bit of
> priming, crank ... crank ... crank ... crank ...
> With the Spitfire and the Coffman starter it doesn't
> even kick the engine over once.
> Not even dropping them from 10000 feet with a 5000
> foot/min, wind-milling situation would get those
> cylinders to fire.
> Was I supposed to hook that red wire to the blue wire
> under the seat first?  ;-)
> If there is a trick to getting them started can you
> maybe add an engine startup section to the pilot
> notes?


This morning I downloaded the cvs version of the Spitfire/Seafire. Using
both the Windows 0.9.6 binary, and the current cvs version compiled under
Cygwin, both models started as per the instructions in the pilot's notes.
Which system are you using? I'd like to get to the bottom of this one.

Could you use the properties browser to make sure all switches/fuel cocks
are in the right position, and confirm that the Coffman starter is indexing
correctly? You are using the starter button and not the adjacent fuel gauge
button (I'm sure you are)? The engine will do a windmill start if you switch
the magnetos to 'on' while the engine is rotating above about 500rpm. 

There are some other snags, sigh. Submodels don't seem to work now under
Cygwin, while they do with 0.9.6. Back to the drawing board.



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