* Paul Surgeon -- Monday 08 November 2004 00:04:
> Either I'm a bit thick or something is wrong with the
> Spitfire and Seafire. I cannot get them to start.
> Fuel cocks open, magnetos on, mixture rich, a bit of
> priming, crank ... crank ... crank ... crank ...
> With the Spitfire and the Coffman starter it doesn't
> even kick the engine over once.

That's because you didn't compile fgfs with SDL (--enable-sdl) but
with glut. Glut (at least freeglut) either has a keyboard event bug,
or is wrongly configured in fgfs: if the space bar is held down,
there's a constant flow of "pressed, released, pressed, released, ..."
events. Hence spitfire.startCof(1) turns /controls/engines/engine/starter
on, but the immediately following spitfire.startCof(0) turns it off
Of course, fixing glut or the way fgfs uses it would be the preferred
solution. As a workaround, compile with --enable-sdl, or (with glut)
set /controls/engines/engine/starter manually.


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