* Melchior FRANZ -- Monday 08 November 2004 11:49:
> Glut (at least freeglut) either has a keyboard event bug,
> or is wrongly configured in fgfs: if the space bar is held down,
> there's a constant flow of "pressed, released, pressed, released, ..."
> events.

Actually, that's what X reports. So it's not necessarily a bug. SDL,
however, reports "pressed, pressed, ..." and only one "released" when
the key is really released, which isn't entirely correct either.

One could even argue that the X/freeglut way is the better one, and
that it's up to fgfs to disable autorepeat for all keys that make use
of <mod-up>. It just looks as if neither SDL, nor glut allow setting
autorepeat on a per-key basis. X does. (Hey, Andy! Where's --enable-X? :-)


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