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> ..this is with or without oxygen?

Without -- oxygen is a very difficult thing to manage in the eastern
half of the continent.  I could purchase a portable oxygen system good
enough for me (not enough for pax) for less than USD 1,000 but almost
no FBOs could fill it for me -- out west, near the Rockies, oxygen is
a standard service, but not around here.  That means that I'd have to
find a local oxygen supplier (a scuba shop? a welding supplier?) and
take the tank there after every few hours of use to have it refilled
-- you can see how that's a non-starter for long cross-country trips.

Here's something I'm curious about: since airliners typically
pressurize to about 7,000 ft but hypoxia can affect night vision even
at 5,000 ft, do airline pilots ever worry about this issue?  I'm
guessing not, because they always use approaches to land, and when
you're already lined up with the runway night vision isn't really an

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