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> "Ampere K. Hardraade" wrote:
> > Sigh... and I thought ATI is supposed to be Linux-friendly?!
> Things have changed a bit these days, but the r200 chip is still one of
> the best supported GPU's in the OpenSource world. The problem on _your_
> computer is not ATI's fault

Martin isn't kidding.  You have to pick _one_ route, either the open
source one or the closed source one, and get your whole 3D system,
from user libraries through to kernel modules, lined up to support
just that execution path ... end to end.  That's the key point.

I can give you advice on the fglrx route (which is what I'm using),
Martin can give you advice on the route (which he knows).
However, if you don't choose and strip back your system, you'll fail.

Rmember:  Linux has compatibility way beyond Microsoft, which means that
everything will do its best to get it to work (badly) when misconfigured
instead of simply not working and spewing errors all over the place.
All it takes is one 'compatible' element in the path to break DRI.
If DRI doesn't come up, it means you have missed some key element.

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