(Maybe we should fork the subject to the open and closed source alternatives)

From: Steven Beeckman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Alex Perry wrote:
> >I can give you advice on the fglrx route (which is what I'm using),
> PS: Alex: what's fglrx? The drivers from ATI? I've tried the rpm I 
> think, but it didn't work out either :-s (probably because of what you 
> said: two ways to solve the same problem ...)

They've always worked for me (aside from the known rendering bugs sigh),
but it used to be a fair amount of hassle to get them running on Debian.
Currently, they rpm download seems to convert cleanly (using alien) into
a deb that works for both Stable and Testing.  You just need a single
dpkg-divert to deal with one file that is unnecessarily duplicated.

I suspect the biggest mistake people make, under Debian or similar,
is to try the install _outside_ their distribution's packaging system.
That drops your integrity to the level of a third party WinXP install.

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