> What I'd like to do is
> have a system which dynamically creates thermals and
> moves them around the FG world based on underlying
> terrain, wind, time of day, cloud cover, etc.

This sounds a lot like Durk's traffic manager, which creates AI aircraft 
dynamically. Your thermal manager will look much like this.

> Also the 
> thermals should have a variety of shapes and sizes,
> with areas of sink modeled as well.

Sink is easy - just use a negative value for strength.  As for diameter, keep 
in mind that in the current thermal model only the thermal closest to the 
airplane (measured from the *center* of the thermal) effects the airplane.  
This means that thermals of different diameters can cause a problem, you 
could be inside one thermal yet closer to the center of another.  The 
solution is either to use the same diameter for all thermals, or to change 
the present code to look for thermal nearest-edges instead of centers.

David Culp

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