On Tuesday 09 November 2004 09:58, Erik Hofman wrote:
> Oliver C. wrote:
> >>This file has been committed.
> >
> > Thank you, but i think (after looking into cvs today) that you checked in
> > another file, it is different to my one and doesn't have the fixes.
> I committed the one you sent to the list, except that I added the nasal
> bindings for flaps already.

No, even if i consider your new nasal bindings this is not my file.
I had completly other button bindings.
Brake is still on button 1.
Changing view is not available, gear is missing too,
And the flaps and left and right brake buttons are still crossed like they 
were before and different on windows and linux.
I also added some informations about the joystick assignment in my file this 
part is missing too in cvs.
You must have changed and committed another file because this is in no way my 

Best Regards,
 Oliver C.


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