On Monday, 8 November 2004 11:13, Vivian Meazza wrote:
> Could you use the properties browser to make sure
all switches/fuel cocks
> are in the right position, and confirm that the
Coffman starter is indexing
> correctly? You are using the starter button and not
the adjacent fuel gauge
> button (I'm sure you are)? The engine will do a
windmill start if you
> switch the magnetos to 'on' while the engine is
rotating above about
> 500rpm.

I got the windmill start to work but it did something
a bit odd.
The magnetos were both on but I had to click on one of
them and only then would the engine start running. The
switch position were still the same before and after
(on position) but clicking on one of them "did

However the aircraft cannot be started on the ground
using a GLUT build. Rebuilding with SDL fixed the
problem so it looks like Melchior may be right.
When I fired the starter the property stayed "true"
for as long as I held the key down.

Oddly enough the 172 starts just fine using glut.


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