On Nov 9th, 2004, Adam wrote:

I have been trying to build FlightGear 0.96 (CVS) on a Mac, and have been
using fgdev, and have followed the instructions in the FG users guide, as
well as the instructions included in fgdev, but I have run into a bunch of
Any help that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.
I have searched the lists and see that some others have had some of the same
problems, but I have not found postings of solutions. I guess that the
instructions for building on a Mac in the users guide are somewhat out of

I am using OSX 10.3.5 and I have Xcode 1.5 installed (gcc 3.3 and gcc
2.95.2). The insructions say to use gcc 2.95, so I have started with that.
I also am using tcsh as instructed (which is no longer the Mac default).

First I found that by default I already had the versions of automake and
autoconf that the instructions say to build, so I did not do that. (1.6.3
and 2.53 respectively)

I had trouble getting plib to build, but, after a few changes, got it to

What problems did you have please? How did you fix them?

The instructions next call for building metakit, but I assume that is now
included in SimGear?

metakit is not needed anymore. it was replaced by something else, I'm afraid that I can't remember what 8-( I think it's built into simgear, however, and not external. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong...

Building SimGear failed with gcc 2.95. When I switched to 3.3 it got much
further, but failed on testserial. I was hoping that this is not critical.

So next I tried to build FlightGear itself:
./configure --prefix=$BUILDDIR --without-threads --without-x
configure: error: cannot run /bin/sh ./config.sub

What is your BUILDDIR value set to? It should be the path to the fg build tree (mine is

I will be happy to try to help, health permitting -- November is shaping up to be a bad month as it's turning colder -- but please give some more info regarding the exact errors that you're hitting. You may or may not have in fact gotten past them. If plib is not built right, then all bets are off as to whether you'll succesfully build the rest.

I found that the reason is that config.sub does not exist.

I have config.sub in ./src/FlightGear, ./src/plib and ./src/SimGear
I didn't check all of them but config.sub in src/FlightGear is a link to:

lrwxrwxrwx 1 ima staff 34 19 Jun 2003 src/flightgear/config.sub -> /usr/share/automake-1.6/config.sub

are you sure you've got automake installed right? This is NOT something that seems to be touched on every build... My src/FlightGear file has the following timestamp inside it:


autogen.sh create this file?  Did I do something wrong?
(I see that someone else had the same problem and posted to the mailing
list, but I could not find a response).

So, where I think I stand is: I have plib, I think that I have SimGear? I
have downloaded and installed OpenAL and I can't get FG itself to even start
to compile.


-- Adam

Here are my build scripts (I build from the command line, I think that others on the list have FG building from XCode but I haven't done this:

 cat makeplib.sh makesg.sh makefg.sh
 cd $BUILDDIR/src/plib
 ./configure --prefix=$BUILDDIR
 make install

cd $BUILDDIR/src/SimGear ./autogen.sh ./configure --prefix=$BUILDDIR make install

cd $BUILDDIR/src/FlightGear ./autogen.sh ./configure --prefix=$BUILDDIR --with-threads --without-x make install echo "'make install' done"

My GCC version is:

gcc --version
gcc (GCC) 3.3 20030304 (Apple Computer, Inc. build 1495)
Copyright (C) 2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO

I am using mac os x 10.3.6, but did build with 10.5 in the past.

I last built plib, simgear and flightgear from CVS on 11/5/04 and had no problems.

I am using automake 1.6.3 and autoconf 2.57

Hope this helps.

Welcome to the project, FlightGear is a great Mac OS X compatible flight sim. I haven't used X Plane in years even. 8-) This is a great list, with a lot of skilled and helpful people on it...


PS -- if you use .sh scripts with tcsh, you'll need to run child scripts via the 'source' command in order to properly pass the environment (including BUILDDIR to the child processes)

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