Roy Vegard Ovesen wrote:

I'm migrating stuff from the cockpit directory to the instrumentation directory. Specifically I'm migration the stuff in the radio stack. My question is this: should I also move the properties from /radios/* to /instrumentation/*?

I think this is a good idea, because
- The adf and dme in the instrumentation directory have their properties in /instrumentation, and they are radios.
- The stuff in the radio stack (navcom, kt70 transponder, market beacon and another older dme) have properties in both /radios and /instrumentation. The serviceable property is in /instrumentation.

The downside is of course that all the radio instrument panels will be broken, but this can easily be fixed with a quick grep through the data/Aircrafts directory.


If you fiddle with this, there is a bunch of stuff in Network/atc610x.[hc]xx that mustn't get broken.



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