Paul Kahler wrote:
Has anyone looked into better cloud rendering in FGFS?
There was some great work done by Mark Harris for his
Ph.D. over at:  I couldn't
remember his name, so I googled for 'cloud rendering'
and his site was at the top of the list. It looks
really impressive, and similar to something I saw in
a Game Developer article by a MSFS guy.

Mark provides source code under a "free license". If
that's not GPL compatible enough, perhaps someone
could work out something with him for FGFS?

In fact his code is already available under SimGear/simgear/scene/sky/clouds3d

But his code is far from cross-platform (especially big=-endian systems face problems) and it needs better integration with the scene graph library (currently plib)

You could try the code by running 'fgfs --enable-clouds3d'


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