Paul Kahler wrote:

Has anyone looked into better cloud rendering in FGFS?
There was some great work done by Mark Harris for his
Ph.D. over at:  I couldn't
remember his name, so I googled for 'cloud rendering'
and his site was at the top of the list. It looks
really impressive, and similar to something I saw in
a Game Developer article by a MSFS guy.

Mark provides source code under a "free license". If
that's not GPL compatible enough, perhaps someone
could work out something with him for FGFS?

It's just an integration problem right? ;-)

Sort of...

I cobbled a version for FG (with the help of Mark and Curtis) as a demo. It needs a bit of work .. ;-) See the clouds3d directory in SimGear.

Mark's thesis and approach needs to be extracted and rebuilt into the FG scene graph structure. Rather than trying to patch what is there, it might be more appropriate to rework the entire cloud subsystem using Mark's algorithms.

You can view the clouds by compiling in the FG code ( FG_USING_CLOUDS_3D ) and then --enable-clouds3d as an fgfs option

John W.

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