On 11/13/04 at 8:13 PM Chris Metzler wrote:

>Hey Dave -- what's the chance of adding:
>1) displaying displaced threshholds and stopways along with the
>runway and taxiway layout;
>2) the ability to change runway info, specifically displaced
>threshholds and stopways?

Hi Chris,

This should be no big problem.  Currently TaxiDraw doesn't draw stopways at
all, and doesn't differentiate between normal runway and displaced
thesholds.  Adding drawing of stopways is very high on my list.  I'll get
round to marking the displaced thresholds and putting some edit boxes for
the lengths in the dialog at some point.

I've got the photo fetching to look for colour first, and then revert to
b/w if not available BTW.  Thanks for twigging that one.  There's a few too
many other changes in my current code that need a bit of bedding in to
release it just now though.

Cheers - Dave

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