* Martin Spott -- Tuesday 16 November 2004 14:56:
* * Mathias Frohlich:
> > The hook can be extended with the H key, retracted with h. Start flightgear 
> > with
> > fgfs --lat=37.688 --lon=-122.683 --heading=180 --altitude=71
> To be honest: I don't see any carrier.

It isn't anywhere in the scenery yet -- just in cvs. You have to add
it yourself, or replace the saratoga with it. I added this in file

OBJECT_SHARED Models/Geometry/Nimitz/nimitz.ac -122.590 37.76 -7.0 90

And the whole wire/hook thing will AFAIK not work anyway, because it
needs Mathias' changes, which are probably only in his branch in the
JSBSim repository, but not in FlightGear. All just AFAIK, of course.


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