Ampere K. Hardraade wrote:
Speaking of multiplayer support, whatever happened to the online ATC thing?

There's currently a group of 6 people who are collecting ideas and suggestions to come up with a protocol draft and a corresponding cross-platform library ...

Some of the development has been slowed down because it was not entirely
clear what cross-platform networking library should be chosen as the
underlying system - simply because the Torque Network library isn't as
"cross-platform" as most of us had initially expected.

That's why some of us spend some time looking for viable alternatives
and checking the possibilities of these out - however, it turned out
that openTNL project would by far be the most versatile and usable
one, also with regards to its pretty small footprint - compared to
other cross-platform networking libraries like ACE or ICE that
require either an enormous amount of build space and time or depend
on numerous external libraries ...

Anyway, meanwhile we got in touch with the developers of the OpenTNL
project  nd we were informed that the cross-platform limitations are
caused by platform-specific assembly-macros - but it would currently
be considered to port this over to a C++ template based approach.

While I haven't talked to anyone on the "ATC project" for a couple
of days now, my perception is that things are still 'progressing'
to some extent - the problem being mainly the lack of (spare) time
of the people who are involved - which probably sounds familiar
to you ;-)

Hope that cleared things up a bit

-------- Boris

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