Martin Spott
> Erik Hofman wrote:
> > Update of /var/cvs/FlightGear-0.9/data/Data/AI
> > In directory baron:/tmp/cvs-serv21401
> > Added Files:
> >         nimitz_demo.xml
> > Log Message:
> [...]
> > The hook can be extended with the H key, retracted with h. Start
> flightgear
> > with
> > fgfs --lat=37.688 --lon=-122.683 --heading=180 --altitude=71
> To be honest: I don't see any carrier. I just took the BO105 for a ride
> and noticed that I sat somewhere right on the water. Is something still
> missing ?
> BTW, how many carriers _should_ we have currently ? I assume we have
> the 'saratoga' west of San Francisco and this 'nimitz' south-east of
> SF, somewhere in the south of the bay. Right ?

You need to have downloaded data/Models/Geometry/Nimitz/ from cvs, and you
need nimitz_demo.xml in data/Data/AI. You also need this in your preferences

        <enabled type="bool">true</enabled>

I think you will only see one carrier very close to KSFO. Mathias' code only
works for JBSim FDM models, so if you use a YASim model, like the Bo105, you
will fall through the deck.

Nimitz will sail right through the land right now - the AI isn't all it
might be! If you use Mathias' F/A-18 you will be able to catch a wire and
use the catapults. Very impressive it is too. There's quite a bit to do yet.
Mathias is working on extending the code to YASim, and I'm working on
providing a Projector Landing Sight for Nimitz. 

I hope you'll give it a go - we need some feedback.



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