Lee Elliott wrote:
> Just a thought...  An alternative approach might be to make the
> textures dynamic so that the roads could be overdrawn on them before
> they're rendered.

Way back in the day (maybe 3-4 years ago, when I was at NextBus) I
wrote a parser for the TIGER database format, an intermediate binary
format, and an interactive Java renderer.  The idea was to have an
interactive street map, not a photorealistic rendering.  But the
parser and intermediate format generator (in perl) might be useful to
someone wanting to work on this.

I put the applet binaries up at http://plausible.org/tiger/ but
unfortunately modern Java plugins seem to have trouble with the older
applet.  You can still download the files (TestMap.jar and 06-075.nbm
-- San Francisco County, CA) from that URL and run it off the command
line with something like:

    java -cp TestMap.jar TestMap 06-075.nbm

Use "z" to zoom in, "Z" to zoom out, and click the mouse on the map to

NextBus never used this code, and I doubt they'd mind if I distributed
it.  Let me know if someone wants to look at it and I'll ask.


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