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This should probably move to the FlightGear site, I suppose.

Ahhh, thanks for the url ... it's been too long since the last time I looked at nasal. I can copy it into the source/docs-mini/ directory.

This is pretty much covered on that page. The files in the Nasal
directory of the base package are read and executed at the end of
boot. Stuff in fg-command bindings is parsed and executed when the
binding fires. Properties under /nasal are read during initialization
and can contain either literal code or point to files to load. And
there are C++ APIs from which you can turn a string into a
"FGNasalScript" object with a call() method which can be invoked at

Ok, just to be difficult, let's say that my nasal code isn't really appropriate for the global nasal directory, it's not really tied to a specific aircraft configuration, and I'm not sure I could populate /nasal early enough in the init sequence to get a file automatically loaded. Am I on my own to open and load a file into a buffer and pass that to the nasal interpreter?



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