"Norman Vine" wrote:

> The thing to remember is that PostGIS is just a normal PostGRES 
> extension module so you still have the power of a general purpose 
> relational DB to use.

Correct, but the solution by referring from PostGIS shapes to BLOBs that
contain the raster data is far not as smart as a 'native' storage
method for geo-referenced raster data would be.

I wonder (and I'l love to know because I assume there _is_ a strong
reason) why the creators of the OpenGIS specs didn't cover raster data
but only shapes (and their metadata) instead. That doesn't make sense
to me because the need for a standard interface to raster data appears
to be as urgent as the interface to vector data. Right ?
If you'd agree to call PostGIS as sort of an implementation of
"shapefile in a database", the analogue "geotiff in a database" would
be nice, too. To other "spatially enabled" database servers cover
raster data as well ?

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