* Mathias Fröhlich -- Wednesday 17 November 2004 21:42:
> On Mittwoch 17 November 2004 11:29, Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> > * I observed one segfault that I hadn't seen before. The bt, however,
> > didn't look like it had anything to do with the new code. I haven't saved
> > the core file but will do so if I run into that problem again.
> If you see that again, could you please try to find out where that happens?
> Thanks!

Sure. Actually, I do know where it happened. I checked the backtrace, and
wasn't thrilled: It was at program exit when freeing property nodes. That's
why I didn't really attribute it to the new changes, although I hadn't seen
that before. It was a failure not to save the core file, but I had run fgfs
in gdb, and this doesn't produce them automatically. Have tried to reproduce
the segfault, but it didn't happen again yet.


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