I just tried this on a freshly updated CVS build:

Take off in the 172 (I used the c172r-3d) and climb to say, 2500'.  Trim
the aircraft and with the wings level, pull the power back to idle.
Hold the nose up to allow the speed to decay and enter the stall.  The
stall warner goes off as expected at about the right speed, IMO.

Now drop the nose a little and let the air speed build to above Vs still
with idle power.  I repeatably get the stall warner to well over
70kt indicated.  Are other people seeing this?  Is it normal? (I've never
just dunked the nose on a 150 or 152, but I'm sure the stall warning
would go as soon as the flow re-attached to the wing...

I tried looking in the property tree to see what the fdm was using but I
didn't manage to sustain the attitude and airspeed without a joystick
I'm afraid.

All the best,


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