Hi Everyone,
First of all allow me to thank all of you who collaborated to make Flight Gear what it is today...I am totally blown away by its capabilities.
Before I dive off into my question, I'd like to let you know what I'm using Flight gear for. I am the facility manager for an experimental fly-by-wire helicopter, and am piping recorded data, and live data (from wireless Ethernet telemetry link) into the Flight gear native_fdm format, and using flight gear to provide a 3D picture of the maneuvers we fly. Future plans for it include a variety of head down displays, and tele-control.
So far, I've been using the Bo105 as the aircraft (and have it flying around from pre-recorded data), but I am unable to get the rotors turning with the fdm being external. The only way I can get them turning is by editing the properties in the drop down menu. Basically, I adjust rotors.main.rpm to be 350 and rotors.tail.rpm to be 600 and it all looks good. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get the rpm  to be derived from the native_fdm data (like maybe mapped to one of the engine_rpm parameters contained in the native_fdm format)? I assume that I need to modify one of the XML files, but I'm not real sure. Any pointers to get me started would be appreciated.
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