A guy by the name of Jason Cox mentioned on IRC that the Australia scenery 
"seams to be out of wack by a few klm's east".

"aiports are out aginst the real world also. only picked it up of sat imagery 
and other GIS sources that I have"

" ...fgsd shows incorrect location and the airport databases show incorrect 
data for YWLM"

YWLM location as per ERSA is -32.47701  151.50068
fgfs database R YWLM 12  -32.795878  151.834796

"... it apears to be all airports and scenery in Australia, aprox  0.2 deg 

"Just downloaded the lattest airport date for X-Plane and install TaxiDraw, It 
shows all the airports to have the correct lat/lon, so the problem must be in 

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