Part of the carrier code is sent to Erik.
The code seems to trigger a bug on irix.
Therefore I have choosen to split the changes into smaller ones, which might 
be a good idea anyway.

On *top* of the patch sent to Erik (I expect that to go in :), the following 
updated set of patches is available from

Apply carrier-operations.diff to flightgears source directory.
Put JSBSim-dropin.tar.bz2 into the JSBSim subdirectory.
Apply data.diff to the data directory.
Use the slightly updated FA-18.tar.bz2.

For completeness, the patch sent to Erik is available with the
groundcache.tar.gz on the same ftp server.

User visible changes are:
Mostly keybindings.

Since H/h are already used for the hud. The h'O'ok is now controlled via O/o.
To arrest the aircraft's launchbar at the cat user the L key (applying the 
brakes is no longer suffucuent). To arrest the aircraft the aircrafts 
velocity wrt the carrier needs to be zero.
You will notice that the aircraft is fixed at the cat by a slight pitching of 
the aircraft.
As usual apply flaps and thrust. Then pressing C will launch the aircraft.

Non user visible changes:
Much cleanup/code documentation.
Put the groundcache into its own class.
Little changes in the way the launchbar/holdback is modeled.



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