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I don't think my first attempt at an isnan() fix worked ... I ended up in an infinite loop. I've tried a less elegant/brute force approach and that seems to work. We actually got FG up and running on a FreeBSD machine tonight (woohoo!)

Yeah ! Welcome to a wonderful world ! Did you use the current RELEASE,
did you use OpenAL and PLIB from "the ports" or did you build them
yourselves ? OpenAL compiles wihtout hassle, PLIB needed some fixes - I
think some joystick stuff.
I avoided the trouble and took the port ;-) but I'll try to build
PLIB CVS this week in order to get the 'crease'-patch working,

Jim Couch set up a freebsd machine and gave me an account on it. I don't know what release he installed, but it was running gcc-3.3.3 if that says anything to you. If you tell me the magic command, I can check the release. He already had plib built (I think from ports). He also had openal already built ... I'm not sure where that came from (probably ports?)

I don't have direct access to the machine, but Jim reports that plib doesn't detect his USB joystick on FreeBSD. Any ideas? The kernel is detecting it and logging an entry with the joystick name, but nothing shows up inside plib. We aren't sure if it's a FreeBSD issue or Plib issue at this point.

OpenAL does not work correclty with FG on FreeBSD ... Jim reports getting some sound ... it's almost like the sound is played at the correct frequency, but compressed so that it comes out 20x too fast.

We also saw FG crash more times than it worked on FreeBSD ... that's a little disconcerting ... I haven't had a chance to look into that yet. But we at least got it all to compile and did get it up and running a couple times.

Anyway, it's not perfect on FreeBSD, but it's a lot better than where we started yesterday.



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