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Any help would be greatly appreciated. If someone could give me some instructions on building the projects myself, I should be able to debug myself, but again, I’ve been unable to do so (I’ve already gone through the “Getting Started” documents on the website, but nothing has worked).

Currently there is a problem where different platforms, different OS's or even different compilers can get different output due to the fact that structs are used to send data across the network. This can create endian-problems as well as packed/unpacked struct problems.

So to be safe you will need to use the same OS, and same compiler for both ends of the connection.

This holds also true for most other structure-based interfaces:

Depending on what data you need, it is safer to use the Property
Tree interface (telnetd/httpd) to exchange data instead - which
might require modifying the sources to actually export the required
data in the first place.

Unfortunately, using the current telnet interface wouldn't be all
that efficient when it comes to permanently polling elements in order
to check their values - this would create a traffic and processing

Because of that I made about 6-8 weeks ago some changes to my local
version that allow registering "event handlers" via the telnet
interface, which would be supposed to essentially allow you to
use specific instances of telnet connections to register an event
so that (network) traffic is only caused based on certain conditions.

I haven't yet finalized everything,but it works to some extent -
particularly the SGPropertyNodeListener thing wasn't all that
obvious to do for me, that's why I am currently using a workaround.

All this was mainly meant to be used for a private project, and it
would certainly need some reviewing ...

But if you think that something like that would be helpful for
you, I wouldn't mind to send you my changes as diff patches.

It might certainly come in handy for those people who don't want
to fool around with the sources too much, but who would still like
to use more advanced use of the Property Tree system via the supported

---------- Boris

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