Thanks.  I suppose since the other software that I'm using is built with
VC++ 6.0, then I'll need to learn how to build FlightGear with that.  If
there is someone reading this that can help me with that, I'd appreciate it.

I would note that other values seem to come out fine, such as those defined
as float and int.


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Chuck Cole wrote:
> Has anyone tried to use the output of FlightGear (v.0.9.6)?  I've seen 
> in the archives where people have tried to drive the flight model (i.e., 
> as input), but I haven't been able to find any posts regarding getting 
> data from the model.
> Specifically, I'm trying to get the surface position output (e.g., flap 
> positions, elevator positions, etc.).  I have set up the "native-fdm" 
> output setting, but when I look at the values that are sent, they are 
> typically very large numbers.  I have a feeling that there may be a type 
> mismatch problem in that the values are set as "float" in the 
> net_fdm.hxx, but the values are retrieved as "double".  I haven't been 
> able to build all of the projects using either Visual C++ 6.0 or using 
> cygwin, so I'm unable to see if this is actually the problem or 
> investigate other problems.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.  If someone could give me some 
> instructions on building the projects myself, I should be able to debug 
> myself, but again, I've been unable to do so (I've already gone through 
> the "Getting Started" documents on the website, but nothing has worked).

Currently there is a problem where different platforms, different OS's 
or even different compilers can get different output due to the fact 
that structs are used to send data across the network. This can create 
endian-problems as well as packed/unpacked struct problems.

So to be safe you will need to use the same OS, and same compiler for 
both ends of the connection.


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