Curtis L. Olson wrote:
However, as things stand right now. We have oodles of references to stuff as "../../../Instruments/hsi.xml" etc. If we move an aircraft one directory level deeper (or more) all those relative references break. :-(

Well, this is then about relative paths, it could probably already be solved if one added support for standard paths such as $FG_ROOT.

Which could mean that the path becomes:


I think it would take 5 minutes to add support for -automatically defined- environment variables such as:

        - $FG_AIRCRAFT

These could all be based on a properly set $FG_ROOT, that way one could
simply refer to:




Dealing with such path specifications would mainly come down to looking
for an initial '$' sign and stripping of everything behind the first
slash in order to determine the real path.

I'm calling for someone to take on the task of making aircraft more relocatable.

If you are mainly thinking about the above problem and my suggestion for a solution is already sufficient, I wouldn't mind to send Erik a corresponding patch.

--------- Boris

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