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I don't think we need to kill ourselves trying to be overly flexible. I think it's worth having a central repository of commonly used items (engines, instruments, etc.) An aircraft could refer to a standard item, or could refer to a specific item in it's own directory. I don't think we would need to go overboard on recursive directory searches to hunt for stuff.

I agree - I sure wasn't suggesting that. My point was that the controlling application can have all the smarts as far as directory searches are concerned. It ought not to matter to the FDM where the files are stored - right now, JSBSim cares, at least for standalone operation. It is sort of a forced directory structure. I don't like that any more.

I'm calling for someone to take on the task of making aircraft more relocatable. If someone wants to make a family of aircraft varients and share parts ... I think it's ok to make them all live as siblings to a single parent directory, but right now everything is hardwired so every aircraft must be a child of the Aircraft subdirectory. We can't make up organization aircraft directories (i.e. Single-Engine, WWII, Boeing, Cargo, Biz-jet, etc.)

This makes a lot of sense. Dave Culp prodded us to support placing the engine directory under the specific aircraft directory as a first step for JSBSim. I'd like to see that changed so we (JSBSim) can simply accept a directory path and name for the aircraft being modeled.

That does raise some issues for us, though. Within the aircraft config file, we specify various filenames for engine, thruster, and perhaps control system, etc. By default now there is a series of directories taht are searched for engines (the engine filename only is given in the main aircraft config file - not the entire path). So, there is really a series of acceptable paths. I don't like that. I'd like there to be a single way to do this - such as specifying that all FDM-relevant config files (aircraft, engine, controls, etc.) should all be in the same directory. The path to said FDM directory ought to be passed in by the controlling program and then we're all set. I'd actually prefer (now) to NOT have separate directories for engines and aircraft.


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