Dale E. Edmons wrote
> >Hi, all,
> >
> >I encountered a compile error when make the simgear-0.3.7 for
> >FlightGear-0.9.6.  I am working with Cygwin in windows 2000 and I have
> >plib and Zlib done.
> >
... snip ...
> >
> Got to /etc/ld.so.conf and see if it has /usr/local/lib or whereever you
> installed openal.  Edit the file if the directory entry is not present.
> Then try doing ldconfig and see if it works.
> I updated my SimGear, PLIB, and OpenAl from CVS and recompiled them all
> and I had no problems.  (I'm running Debian Linux "testing" branch.)

This may well work for Linux (although I think it should work right out of
the box) but AFAIK will not work for Cygwin. OpenAL has not yet been
formally implemented with Cygwin, hence the need to download and install the
special version I mentioned earlier.



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