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> David Megginson wrote:
> > I understand
> > that there are USB devices that you can wear on your head to control
> > the view in games, and those would probably work in FlightGear, but it
> > would be hard to survive the ridicule from family, friends, and
> > neighbours for wearing one.
> LOL, that would indeed be very amusing ... must probably look very
> similar to the "BORG" on Star Trek ;-)

There are two different things here.

Normally, for gaming, people want to keep their head stationary
(in linear dimensions) and look in different directions (angular).
What people are talking about here is wanting to keep their
direction of gaze (fixed object) but change their point of view.

The former is easily addressed with a simple magnetic compass module,
to figure out which way you're looking, and a head mount display so
that the screen is always located in the correct direction (in front).
The compass module is usually integrated into the HMD and so not really
a source of looking 'odd', at least compared to the HMD unit itself.

However, the compass module doesn't work when the user wants to be able
to move their head and still look in the same direction.  For example,
to lean forward in order to read the tiny little numbers on the altimeter.
For that, you need to track the position of the head, not direction,
so you really want a different kind of sensor to address that need.
You don't need a HMD either, since the instrument panel doesn't move.
There are sensors for this, for example by putting ultrasonic ranging
transducers on your head and on the four corners of the monitor,
but nothing I'd really recommend to you as being a marvellous solution.

Assuming there is a network socket that is providing the 3D position
of the nose (for example) of the user with respect to the monitor,
how hard is it to get FGFS to slew the camera/viewport relationship ?
I've got stuff lying around at work here that is fairly cheap and can
be made to do the sensing job, so it'd be interesting to try it out ...

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