Gerhard Wesp wrote:
So, one would really need to define a corresponding network

This does already exist and is specified in the ``400/500 Series Flight Sim ICD.'', a proprietary Garmin document. It describes the RS232
interface of their _hardware_ simulator units. I guess Bill Stone would
give it to interested parties even if they don't buy a simulator unit.

Well thanks for the pointer, I am going to contact Garmin yet another time anyway: Another FlightGear user informed me yesterday that there IS already an application that interfaces the original (software) simulator unit with MS FS 200x - this seems to be based on FSUIPC and is called "FSGarmin".

Indeed, said company did even SELL the interface for about $ 40 US,
until they went out of business about 2 yrs ago (?)

But before they went out of business they made their software freely
available - there's also a support forum for that software at:

What surprised me is that Garmin didn't seem to know about the project.

So I will gather more information why Mr. Stone didn't mention said
project ...

This supports rumours that I could find on the web about Micro$oft
swallowing the company ... after all they also support some garmin
GPS devices ;-)

Even more interesting: (SimSystems) did even provide an
interface for X-Plane some time ago, so depending whether we will be
able to get in touch with the original developers it might be
interesting to learn about ways to revamp the interface to work with


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