On Tuesday 23 November 2004 14:18, Melchior FRANZ wrote:
> * Roy Vegard Ovesen -- Tuesday 23 November 2004 13:41:
> > I've attached a patch to mice.xml that lets you move the camera/viewport
> > with the middle mouse button pressed in mouse view mode. Useful for
> > looking at the compass head on.
> Very cool. There are two problems, though: I can move my 'head' down very
> far (below the bo105's floor), but I can hardly move it up. And the
> possibility to restore the original position on middle mouse click is lost.
> (I tend to keep that patch applied anyway. :-)

I only tested it in the default cessna where max and min limits of 0.5 meters 
from the origin seemed reasonable, you can imagine what happened when I tried 
the A320 where the initial y-offset is way above 0.5 meters :-(. Perhaps the 
movement limits should be aircraft specific, any volunteers ;-)

Restoring the original position with the _middle_ button? I'm only familiar 
with restoring the orientation with the _left_ button. I guess that it would 
be possible to also restore the position with the left button, but I think 
that restoring the orientation only is actually quite usefull.

I've also noticed that the position sometimes jumps to it's min or max 
position, this seem to happen when the cursor wraps from from one edge of the 
screen to the opposite.

Roy Vegard Ovesen

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