* Roy Vegard Ovesen -- Tuesday 23 November 2004 15:51:
> I only tested it in the default cessna where max and min limits of 0.5 meters 
> from the origin seemed reasonable, you can imagine what happened when I tried 
> the A320 where the initial y-offset is way above 0.5 meters :-(. Perhaps the 
> movement limits should be aircraft specific, any volunteers ;-)

volunt.. WHAT?!? ... Having this settable per aircraft would be nice.

> Restoring the original position with the _middle_ button? I'm only familiar 
> with restoring the orientation with the _left_ button.

Whoops, OK. (As an excuse: I do normally reset the view direction with my
js -- even have two separate functions there. Was so excited about the new
mouse functionality, that I got this wrong. Sorry. Cancel the second
complaint, then. :-) 


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