Roy Vegard Ovesen wrote:
On Tuesday 23 November 2004 16:30, Melchior FRANZ wrote:

Should have tried the FA-18A. Completely unusable there. You immediately
end up between the pilot's legs and there's no way to get back up. But can
go further down and watch the scenery through the open front wheel bay.
Resetting fgfs doesn't help either. But once fixed this feature will be
very useful.

Yes, that's what happened in the Airbus too, and it should also happen to any large aircraft. You can easily fix this by making the min and max values in mice.xml greater. I set them to -10 and 10 meters respectively for both x and y axes, I guess that should be enough for most aircraft.
Setting these limits to reasonable values (inside the cockpit) for every aircraft would be, as you can imagine, quite a labourous job.

I haven't yet really played with 3D cockpits: what exactly would be involved in adding such support ? What exactly would it make so complex ?

Maybe someone over on the users list would be willing to have a go at it?
> Every so often I see users that ask how to contribute.

Yes, exactly: that's why I suggested yesterday to add another
README file to the base package that contains such todos and ideas,
something like:




Would probably already be sufficient.

Too many of the ideas and "todos" here, seem to get "lost":

A couple of weeks ago when we were talking about the ATC idea,
David Luff mentioned that numerous of such ideas had already
been discussed on the mailing list: 2 years ago ;-)

While I did manage to find some of the said postings, not everything
seemed to be archived...

So it would definitely be nice to have such a standard file within
the base package: whenever there's something that really needs
attention or is at least worth to be archived, anybody could easily
send a corresponding diff patch to any of the code maintainers.

There were various such things that would really fit well into such
a file: Curt himself mentioned the lack of glass cockpit software
support, the need to revamp the 3D clouds code ...

Such a file could be easily maintained and could even serve as a
template for the "contibute" section on

--------- Boris

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