* Norman Vine -- Tuesday 23 November 2004 18:19:
* * Melchior FRANZ writes:
> > Mouse properties are (like kbd * js bindings)
> > fixed at the beginning. min/max can't easily be changed afterwards,
> > and I don't feel like re-writing the whole input module. Better set
> > the default to +/- 5m.
> Can't you just load the properties that you want 
> and then call reinit() on the whole FGInput subsytem

What I had: {x,y}-offset-{min,max}-m settings for each view
(only really defined for cockpit view, but settable for the
others as well). Aircraft specific settings in the bo105 config,
and changes to src/Main/viewmgr.cxx that would copy the correct
settings to /view/current-view. mice.xml used property aliases
that pointed there. It all worked, except that the mouse didn't
care for the changed properties.

re-init-ing js/kbd/mice with every view change should have worked,
but isn't that a bit too expensive? And even if only the mouse
parts were re-init-ed, this sounds like a work-around, rather than
a solution.


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