Roy Vegard Ovesen wrote:
On Tuesday 23 November 2004 17:31, Boris Koenig wrote:

I haven't yet really played with 3D cockpits: what exactly would be
involved in adding such support ?

The support is already there: it is possible to set the view position at runtime through the /sim/current-view/{x,y,z}-offset-m properties.

You can apply the patch to $FG_ROOT/mice.xml attached to this posting.

Ya, thanks - I know, I did follow that discussion, I was merely wondering where exactly the complexity comes in ;-)

So, whether it would require any significant code changes or whether
it would come down to time-consuming manual "trial & error" means ;-)

What exactly would it make so complex ?

Actually it is not complex at all, assuming that it is possible to configure the mouse bindings individually for every aircraft. Then it would simply be a matter of
* Run FlightGear
* Change the /sim/current-view/{x,y,z}-offset-m properties to find reasonable values for the limits that the view should be allowed to move.
* Add a mouse binding to the aircraft *-set.xml (I assume) file with the found min and max values.
* Repeat for every aircraft model. ;-)

I think it was Melchior who mentioned that the min/max values are specific to certain aircrafts or rather cockpits ?

Taking into consideration that the a3c files are plain text and hence
readable for simple shell scripting, I wonder now whether suitable
min/max values can be derived from any *general* data that's preferably
available in most *.ac files: that way one could use a shell script:
                - read in the corresponding data
                - determine suitable min/max values
                - automatically put the binding stuff into *-set.xml

Again: I don't know anything about cockpit design or 3D design in
general, I would simply *guess* that it should be possible to determine
the dimensions of a cockpit based on the *.ac file ...

Maybe I am making things too simple, though ;-)

---------- Boris

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