* Roy Vegard Ovesen -- Tuesday 23 November 2004 20:39:
> I really thought that overriding defaults from preferences.xml was a good 
> solution. *-set.xml is used to override all kinds of other stuff, including 
> keyboard and joystick settings, so why not override mouse settings too!?

Aircrafts aren't supposed to override all sorts of setting -- only theirs!
For example, even if preferences.xml says that the flaps shall not be
lowered by default, the aircraft may *of course* override that. (Who owns
the flaps?)

There are other groups of properties that are not owned by the aircraft. I
would not accept that an aircraft config file changes the weather or the
daytime. That's "world" stuff. Nor would I accept if one changed "sim" stuff
(e.g. the rendering method) or "hardware" stuff (mouse/joystick). One
aircraft, for example, tried to disable the <atc> and <ai-model> subsystems.
No need to mention that this was thrown out.

As a workaround I'd rather set min/max to 2 or 3m for all aircrafts. And
the ideal solution would be to let the input system really *use* properties,
not just to read them once at startup and never look at them again.  :-)


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