On Sunday, 28 November 2004 11:40, Durk Talsma wrote:
> I just downloaded and installed taxidraw for the first time. Looks neat and
> fairly easy to use.
> I have a question. Would it be an idea to add a "gate" or parking editor
> function to taxidraw? The reason I'm asking is that I'm starting to think
> about ways to improve AI parking at the major airports. So eventually, for
> the major airports we would need to indicate at which exact coordinates
> aircraft could park. To me it seems this would be a logical extension of
> taxidraw. Any ideas?
> Cheers,
> Durk

First we need to get away from "single line taxiways".
At the moment taxiways are handled like runways which limits them to 
rectangular shapes.

In short we need a vastly improved TaxiDraw or a new replacement.
The only hassle is that genairports cannot handle any new types of data so 
that would need modifying too.
Ideally the taxiways, aprons, gates, etc should be able to be inserted into 
the scenery without the need to rebuild the scenery which as I understand it 
is nearly impossible unless you own a super computer with gigs of RAM.
(See Jason Cox's hassles where he cannot even make a 1x1 degree tile with 700+ 
MB or RAM)

Unfortunately all the 3D geometry and logic involved is time consuming and not 
trivial (at least not for my brain).

In short the setup we have now sucks and there will be no near term solution.
One day someone will have a stab at it ... one day when the need becomes more 
pressing and someone is bored.  :)
I'm sure David would write us an excellent, feature filled TaxiDraw if he was 
paid to do it full time.

Just my late night rant/opinion.

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