"Curtis L. Olson" wrote:

> There has been some small amount of discussion with Robin about giving 
> the FG project a "code range" that we would own.  Each line in the 
> apt.dat has a key code saying the type of info it contains, and so we 
> could have a range of codes that are dedicated to FG use and would be 
> guaranteed never to conflict with X-Plane code expantion.

This sounds like a great chance: We could use these codes to define a
set of useful "complex standard geometries" like the rounded gaps
between taxiway intersections (center, orientation, distance between
center and the most inner point of the round shape, radius of the round
shape), curved taxiways with the option to implement a changing width
(conus) and sort of that.
If we select these geometries very careful the X-Plane folks might go
ahead and adopt these additions,

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