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Durk Talsma <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> This morning I decide to post a selection of FlightGear sceenshots on my
> website illustrating the development of the TrafficManager subsystem,
> and its interface with the AIManager. 
> http://durktalsma.xs4all.nl/FlightGear/web/index.html

Looking cool!

I'm curious whether you have ideas on how to generate traffic data
(flights and flightplans) for the aircraft that the TrafficManager
and AIManager will handle.  Are you thinking of doing real-world
flights?  If so, is there a good place to harvest that data?  Thoughts
on how to convert it into flightplans of the style you use?

Given the work that still needs to be done, there's clearly no
urgency to this.  I'm just curious what direction you're going
. . .

Anyway, cool stuff.


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