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> Another thing I noticed is that when the AIModel subsystem loads
> multiple copies of an aircraft, separate copies of each model are loaded
> each time, instead of referencing to the already loaded copy in the ssg
> scene graph. Having multiple copies of a polygon heavy AI aircraft led
> to severe memory problems on my system.


> For this and other reasons, I'm currently leaning toward favoring having
> a separate set of low-polygon count models for AI aircraft.

Maybe I'm not following, but it seems like you're saying that the
problem is the multiple loading of the same 3D model (for each AI
aircraft) rather than reusing one existing copy in memory.  Right?
If that's the case, it would seem like trying to minimize how bad
this is by using low-resolution models is not so much solving the
problem as working within it; and the best solution would be to get
plib to be able to only load the model once and to reference it
for additional aircraft.  But maybe that's really, really hard?


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