* Ingrid and Kris -- Saturday 20 November 2004 01:11:
> So far, I've been using the Bo105 as the aircraft (and have it flying 
> around from pre-recorded data), but I am unable to get the rotors turning 
> with the fdm being external. The only way I can get them turning is by 
> editing the properties in the drop down menu. Basically, I adjust 
> rotors.main.rpm to be 350 and rotors.tail.rpm to be 600 and it all looks 
> good. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get the rpm  to be 
> derived from the native_fdm data (like maybe mapped to one of the engine_rpm 
> parameters contained in the native_fdm format)?

These are the settings that I'm currently using for replay purposes, i.e.
if there's no FDM controlling the bo. Setting "state=2" turns on the sound
loop, the "rpm" settings switch to rotor disc (as opposed to single visible
blades), "rotor-step-deg" animates the rotor disc (angle added ten times
per second). You can easily make the rotor animation more sophisticated for
the replay case. (See $FG_ROOT/Aircraft/bo105/Models/bo105.nas). "shadow=0"
turns off the fuselage shadow, and the other settings do what they pretend
to do. Some of them do only work for the bo105 from today's cvs!

Current TODO list:
 - some more detail (wire cutter, antennas, etc.)
 - texturing outside
 - interior detail (including (co-)pilot, both of which can be made invisible)
 - more custom instruments
 - realistic turbine stuff and startup procedure






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