As promised, I've attached the files that I modified to make FlightGear work
with my client software.  These modifications allow my client software to
receive the correct values out of FlightGear using the native-fdm network

I started with the FlightGear v0.9.6 release files to make the changes, so
any changes made to these files in CVS since this release have not been
incorporated.  Also, these modifications were developed and tested on a
Windows (WinXP) machine only.  However, I was able to build FlightGear with
both Cygwin and VC++ v6.0 using these modifications and found no difference
in the performance.

Thanks again to all of those who responded to my plea for help!  I hope that
I can repay the help that you have provided me.  I'm a newbie as far as
FlightGear is concerned, but based on my work and my experience with
FlightGear, I hope to try and get more involved with using and
developing/adding on to the software.


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