Title: How does the Replay Subsystem work?


I am trying to read flight data from a FDR (Flight Data Recorder, black box) and input some of the data into FlightGear's Replay system to display the flight.

If using the Replay functionality in the FlightGear and I only care some of the values such as:

-Longitude, latitude, altitude, agl
-v_north, v_east, v_down
-phi, theta, psi

All these for displaying the aircraft's attitude, position, trajectory. While I don't care those values such as control surfaces, engines status, instruments related, and etc.

I tried to import the data (lon,lat,…) I want to use into the Replay subsystem and "hardcode" those control surfaces, engines/tanks status, and etc. At the beginning, I set the replay_master as true and I got the program started in replay mode. But the problem is, I failed to see the aircraft moving which supposed to be because I have the lon, lat, alt, groundspeed keep changing.

So my question is, how does the Replay subsystem work in FlightGear? Does it use the control surfaces' (and other control elements like engines) changes as the inputs and then use the FDM to recalculate all the outputs again?

Can anyone give me any guidance on what direction I should go?

Appreciate if I can get your input.



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