Vivian Meazza wrote:

Sorry guys, I sent today's Nimitz before I realized that Curt was removing
crease tokens. Mind you, after all the effort we went to get it in ... I'm a
bit confused here. Mathias submitted a patch to plib, and I thought that
Wolfram Kuss had uploaded it. What's the problem - NIH (Not Invented Here)
or what?

I've been using 'crease' for a month or so now - The Spitfire/Seafire also
uses it. It's absolutely no problem for me to remove it, but it seems a
shame since it definitely improves appearance.

As a project, FlightGear needs to depend on the stable releases of the stuff it depends on, not cvs development trees. That get's to be too big of a mess. Many distributions include the latest stable version of plib, and that is often easier to build. It's ok for developers to use cvs versions of our dependencies, as long as they don't break compatibility with the latest stable version.



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