On Fri, Dec 03, 2004 at 09:50:38AM -0800, Andy Ross wrote:
> Are you sure?  Starting with the 3.2.x releases, g++ is supposed to

Yes, definitely sure.  You can check it out yourself, the test code
only included net_fdm.hxx, iostream and wrote sizeof( FGNetFDM ) to

Compiler flags...  I didn't give any on the command line, perhaps there
are some implicit ones which I didn't bother to look up.

> That said, basing a protocol on the idea of spitting raw structures
> onto the network is kind of a silly idea, for exactly the reasons you
> posit.

But unfortunately an idea which is very often employed in practice.
And understandably so, since the alternatives may require a good deal
more of bit-fiddling.  ASCII is nice, and I already used it in similar
contexts without any performance hits.  Not seen any arguments against
XDR so far... 

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